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Carers Guernsey wants a society that respects, values and supports carers: where we can all care for loved ones and where no one has to care alone.

Our mission is to make life better for carers by:

  • Providing emotional and practical support;

  • Ensuring carers have access to expert advice and information and support when and where they need it and in a way that works for them;

  • Giving carers a voice in matters that affect them;

  • Raising awareness, campaigning, advocating and representing carers' needs and rights. ​



Carers are at the heart of everything we do.

We are: 

  • Open and approachable

  • Inclusive, respecting the diversity of each other's caring experiences

  • Independent and tenacious in campaigning and advocating for carers

  • Expert and innovative

  • Committed to working with others.

Carers Guernsey receives no funding from the local government. 

We rely on charitable grants and donations from corporate firms and individuals to run our outreach service.

Thank you to our donors and sponsors for providing funding, without which the charity would not be able to operate. 


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